Monday Night Book Group

Beginning September 26th from 5:30-7 pm for ten weeks

The Healing Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Esoteric Secrets of the Fourth Gospel

 by Jack Angelo join us for the months of October and November.

Please join us in person, on Skpye (bonnie.tarwater) or on conference call. We will put on new glasses that will give us a new perspective on the real meaning of the miracle stories in the Gospel of John.  Jack Angelo shares his insights and discoveries which began with a vision he had of Mary Magdalene in the cave of Saint Baume in France. He explores Mary Magdalene as the “beloved disciple” who wrote the Gospel of John. Please read before book group meets on the following dates.


Monday, September 26- 5:30-7 pm. Introduction and Chapter 1

October 3 Part One Chapter 2, 3

October 10 Chapter 4, 5

October 17 Part Two Chapters 6, 7

October 24 Chapter 8, 9

October 31 Part Three, Chapter 10, 11Halloween! (Please come in costume if you like!)

November 7 Chapter 12,13

November 14 Chapter 14, 15

November 21 Chapter 16, 17

November 28 Chapter18 and Closing Anointing Ritual


 “Yehsua (Jesus) operated in the same way as the Lakota holy man Fools Crow (ca.1890-1989) who taught that the purpose of healing was to reassure the community that the spiritual level of being was real and the Source was with them. Jesus and Mary Magdalene did not come to perform miracles to overawe people into bowing down and treating them as gods……………….We need only open our hearts and minds to the wisdom surrounding us at every moment and in every place, for healing consciousness, the flow of imagination, dreams, inner vision and the intuition are combined with consciousness of the sprit and sacred realms “ Jack Angelo