Dog Chapel


Please join us for animal blessings and worship services, as well as private animal memorials and/or private time to place photos in the Dog Chapel. Dog spelled backwards is God and often our dogs are symbols for us of God’s unconditional love for all of creation. We have become disconnected to our own animal nature and to the natural world. Urban people have connected with their pets in part to make up for a lack of time spent in the natural world. Our love for our pets is cause for celebration and must be used as a launching pad to learn how to live in awe of all of God’s animal and plant life forms. The cure for our ecologic crisis no doubt includes our encouraging our sense of wonder, re-enchantment and   AWE for the grandeur and miraculous beauty and diversity of all life from distant galaxies to microscopic cells. We are an interconnected web of life and honoring animals, weather they are two legged human animals, four legged dogs or winged birds and slithering snakes, the Dog Chapel welcomes your grief and celebrates the joy that all dogs and animals give us.