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Taize Easter 3 Sunday

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Invocation                   Our Dear, Dear Mother                                by   Raffi                

Our dear, dear Mother, daily provider, earth be your name. The time has come, to honor you, to know you and to show our love.” 1.You give us each day our daily grain, kissed by the sun and kissed by the rain. Teach us now to find a way to care for you in our work and play. Chorus2.Within the beauty of your silent spin, we know you’re hurting and we feel your pain. With your forgiveness we can start anew. We need a chance to make it up to you. Chorus One Light, One SunRaffi 1. One Light, one sun, One sun lighting everyone, One world turning, One world turning everyone.2. One world, one home, One world home for everyone, One dream, one song One song heard by everyone. 3. One love, one heart, One heartwarming everyone One hope,  one joy, One loving filling everyone. 4. One Light, one sun, One sun lighting everyone, One light warming everyone

Passing of the Peace God Loves You and There is Nothing You Can Do About It

Prayer   (in unison)      Dear God of the Cosmic Dance of Masculine and Feminine Energies, Archetypes and Symbols. We come to marry the Jesus and Mary Magdalene within us and amongst us. We come to restore and honor the sacred bride in Christianity, western civilization and planet earth that was left out during the first few hundred years of Christianity, the 153, the Magdalene who was  left out, dishonored and almost forgotten. We reinstate her as bride today and every gathering of worship. The power of the masculine has become dangerously out of balance. We feel your holy presence as we pray, study scripture and come seeking healing and wholeness in beloved community. May we feel the spirit of  Mary Magdalene, who is here at our home church at 13014 Calle De Las Rosas and her beloved Jesus, reunited.   May the Christ-Sophia dance within us  during worship that we may  love and be loved,  heal and be healed and give and receive  blessings. Amen 

Prayer Requests(Please offer name and condition briefly.)  

Prayer  (in unison)Our Mother Father God who is within uswe celebrate your many names. Your wisdom come.Your will be done,unfolding from 

the depths within us.Each day you give us all that we need.You remind us of our limitsand we let go. You support us in our power and we act with courage.For you are the dwelling place within usthe empowerment around usand the celebration among usnow and forever. Amen

Scripture parts ofGospel ofJohn 21:1-19  Jesus  said to them, “Cast the net to the right side of the boat, and you will find some.”…11So Simon Peter went aboard and hauled the net ashore, full of large fish, a hundred fifty-three of them; and though there were so many, the net was not torn. 12Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” ...14This was now the third time that Jesus appeared to the disciples after he was raised from the dead.15When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord you know that I love you.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my lambs.” 16A second time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.” Jesus said to him, “Tend my sheep.” 17He said to him the third time, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” Peter felt hurt because he said to him the third time, “Do you love me?” And he said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep.” 

Taize Story of this Past Week                     

                             Gematria, 153 Fishes, the Magdalene and 

            13014 Calle De Las Rosas AKA as Church of Mary Magdalene 

Blessings to the person on your right. “(name) I give you my blessing.  (name) I give you God’s blessing.”

Closing PrayerSt. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi Prayer

Make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; And where there is sadness, joy, And where there is sadness, joy, joy, joy. God grant that I may not so much seek; To be consoled as to console; To be understood, as to understand; To be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive, It is in pardoning that we pardoned. And it is in dying that we are born, to Eternal Life. Amen, Amen, Amen

Offering for church (please place donations in red box with lid in the dining room) 

Check out              How are you feeling?

Benediction               Blessing Song           by Miriam Therese Winters

May the blessings of God go before you. May her grace and peace abound. May her spirit live within you. May her love wrap you round. May her blessings remain with you always. May you walk on holy ground. 

Communionis our pot luck dinner at the Mary Magdalene Café and all are welcome. Happy Birthday to Martha, Jay, Jamie and Walt and 

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Reading Margaret Starbird, Magdalen’s Lost Legacy“Sacred partnership was not invented in the first century. It was ritually celebrated in many regions of the Near East long before the advent of Christianity. In Mesopotamian, for example temples to god and goddess couples were often built side by side, honoring he divine energies as intimate partners. Inanna and Dumuzi, Ishtar and Tammus…the “sacred marriage” spread out from the “bridal chamber” to the lands, bringing fertility and well-being to people  and their crops and herds….Though the stories of these deities differ, in some respects they have  significant elements in common, such as the celebration of the nuptials of the pair; the sacrificial death of the bridegroom/king; the joyful garden reunion of the separated couple at the site of his resurrection.” 

Chant One love, one heart, Let's get together and feel all right.(repeat)


Reading Margaret Starbird, Magdalen’s Lost Legacy“What we worship we become. We are creating the wasteland for which clear-cut forests, scarred mountainsides, dying species and melting icecaps are but tragic examples. The abused children, the exploited workers, the maimed veterans—and the planet herself—cry aloud for reprieve! Our civilization is reaping a bitter harvest of the bride denied. When the patriarchs of the early Christianity supplanted the model of sacred marriage that was at the heart of the infant church and denied Mary Magdalene as the consort of their sacrificed Bridegroom/king they could not have foreseen the tragic consequences of the broken mandala.” (p. 61)  

Chant Come and pray in us, Holy Spirit, come and pray in us, come and visit us, Holy Spirit, Spirit come, Spirit come. (repeat) 


Reading  “… there were exactly 153 fishes in the unbroken net (John 21) …The Greek spelling for the name of Jesus was computed to 888, denoting the rising sun or dawn of the New Age…So in the esoteric language of symbolic numbers, the 1224 diameter of our New Jerusalem is 8 x153—the new day of the Fishes….The number 153 is not only the number of the fishes caught in the net, nor is it merely a basic measurement of the Holy City. The number 153 is also by the gematria the sum of the letters of “the Magdalene.” (p137-139) 

Chanting One love, one heart, One heartwarming everyone. One hope,  one joy, One loving filling everyone. (repeat)  


Reading “Realizing the worship of an exclusively male image of God is both distorted and dangerous, we struggle to articulate attributes and images of God, trying to express the idea that god/goddess is not an “either/or” but a “both/and”—a supreme being whose essence manifests both masculine and feminine attributes….Perhaps now, as we are opening to a new era of equality in many areas of life and society it is time to reclaim the ancient paradigm for partnership and wholeness symbolized by the star of hieros gamos (the Star of David) …Jungian studies of psychology teach the integration and healing of the psyche when the inner energies of the masculine and feminine are encouraged to develop and to coexist in partnership…The image of God as partners creates steams of living water flowing out into the desert, healing the wasteland. “ (p 17) 

 Chant “Come and fill my heart with your peace, you the God of love are holy. Come and fill our hearts with your peace”


Reading ‘The reading of Marija Gimutus and other anthropologists  suggest that regions with bountiful harvests, abundant rainfall, and generally temperate conditions are part to have evolved religions based on a loving and generative Earth Goddess, while the tribes of arid steppes and deserts, where the realities of life are harsh and unaccommodating, are less likely to have formed a relationship with this bountiful goddess image and instead have often worshipped dominating and angry warrior Gods.” (p15)

Chant O God hear my prayer, O God hear my pray when I call anser me. Repeat….come and listen to me. (repeat) 


Reading “The exaltation of the Virgin Mary as theotokos--“The Mother of God”—from the fifth century onward through fifteen millennia of Western civilization has provided us with an ideal feminine, a tender and compassionate mother set on high on a pedestal, a beautiful queen and pure vision of chaste maidenhood…beautiful as the eternal mother is, the representation of the eternal feminine as Virgin Mother does not provoke us with a “partnership” paradigm—the model for life on planet Earth—as does the “sacred marriage” for Jesus and his true bride.” 

ChantO God of Loveliness O Lord of Heaven AboveHow worthy to possess my hearts devoted love.So sweet they countenance so gracious to behold  That one, one only glance to me were bliss untold(repeat)


Reading “Mandatory celibacy, enforced after 1139, appear to have concretized the erroneous assumption that Jesus was celibate…In addition to the mandatory celibacy of preists, other important issues that are closely related to the denial of the “Sacred Feminine” include gender equality and the acceptance of women priests, the ban on birth control…Balance will only be restored…when full gender equality is embraced: when the demands for celibacy lifted, women ordained and the Mary the “Beloved” is restored to her archetypal Bridegroom in Sacred Union.” ( p 147) 

Chant Sweet will of God, still fold me closer. Till I am wholly lost in Thee. (repeat)


Reading Vesica Piscis ()The “measurement”  of “ or “matrix of the fish” identity in with the feminine orifice, “gateway of life.” The symbol is the “mother of all geometry” is formed when two circles intersect and overlap Representing the “Grail” or “Chalice,” also “Scared Cauldron of Creativity.” (p.157)

Chant Alleluia (repeat) Kiss the Bride of Christ, Mary Magdalene (repeat) 


Reading“The raw power of the 666 can be appropriated by any totalitarianism  or repressive regime……the historic empires Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Rome….to the totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century, such as those led by Hitler…embodies the solar principle, and the number 666….callous, disregard for the poor, the powerless, the “Little ones’ and women…..the raising of the human Jesus to an object of cultic worship… is being corrupted into a cult worship of an idol—a human being  declared to be equal to God—in a scenarios no different from the imperial cultures of Rome’s’ Caesars, except that is it far more dangerous because it is archetypal….Our earth now reaps the terrifying harvest of the 666 orientation of the major monotheistic religions and their systematic denigration of the complimentary feminine principle designed to sheath the sword.”” (p.55 and 103-104) 

ChantO Love that will not let me go, I rest my weary soul in Thee, I give thee back the life I owe, that in Thine ocean depths its flow, may richer fuller be. (repeat) 


Reading “The sinister shadow of the repressed and neglected feminine—Eros denied!- now rears her ugly hear in the dissociated, violent and rebellious behavior of undisciplined youth, criminals and terrorists. Scorned as bride and partner and denied a position of honor, -she becomes a hideous Medusa lashing out to cause destruction to the fundamental institutions on which the human family relies…This assessment of the fundamental crack in Western civilization appears to be simplistic but we are dealing with the scorning of a powerful archetype—the bride—which has enormous consequences for a planet whose nations perennially honor male presences and  purposes, polices oriented toward the exercise of power. Violent aberrant behavior is often manifested by persons who suffered deprivation and abuse during childhood—a condition currently prevalent in the global family (p61) …..With the help of this dynamic new understanding of the texts sacred to Christianity, we might heal the burned out wasteland of the twentieth century and restore the balance necessary to maintain and nurture life on our blessed planet Earth.” 

Marriage Vows…. “ We do” For all those who have been joined by God, let no one separate. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride. 


Chant (Annie’s Song John Denver)You fill up my senses like a night in a forest Like the mountains in springtime like a walk in the rain Like a storm in the desert like a sleepy blue ocean You fill up my senses Come fill me again. (Repeat) 

Invitations: Our current ecologic crisis is a call to awaken to the reverence of life and the truth that all nature is alive and sacred. As we witness the sixth extinction of life on earth, the only one created by us humans, we are invited to reclaim the ancient wisdom traditions. We are one organic, interspecies, interconnected whole.   What we do affects everyone else. Every Sunday at 5 pm we acknowledge that we need one another more than ever before . and commune with the Great  Spirit. We celebrate  the  wisdom traditions from  the East, West, indigenous peoples,  new science as we study the teachings of Jesus and the Bible and the newly found gnostic gospels.  

New live stream worship on church web site, some Sundays 5 pm (PST) 

Special World Meditation Day with Findhorn Wed. May 8th9 am before Lectio Divina. 

Special Mother’s Day Dance worship here NOT at beach next week. 

Mary Magdalene Feast Day July 22. We will have  special worship and show new movie Mary Magdalene on Sunday July 21!

Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer  Contemplation of scriptures and Centering Prayer, an ancient Christian contemplative silent prayer practice, every Wednesday at 10 am. 

Monthly Taize Chanting service first Sunday of every month 

Beach worship every second Sunday at Torrey Pines State Park Beach. Please dress warmly for it is cold us on Carmel Valley Road at 4:30 to car pool at the Bird Rock Coffee Roaster  2212 Carmel Valley Rd, Del Mar, CA 92014

Prayer and Healing Service third Sunday

Dream Circleevery first and third Sunday before worship 3-5 pm. 

Committee on Ministrymeeting every third Sunday each month after dinner

Webinar with Environmental Justice Practitioners Network co-sponsored by First UU Church and Church for Our Common Home, one Thursday a month, 

call Jamie Long (619) 436-9435   

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