Do you hear the voice of the Black Madonna on Mother's Day?


Dear Friends,

The Black Madonna is the ancient feminine face of God, Christian and pre Christian, including the Earth Goddesses and the Egyptian goddess Isis. For some of us she is the tender mother Jesus our Mother, as Julian of Norwich, (her feast day was May 8th) in the Middle Ages called Jesus. She is also the Holy Mama, Mary our Mother, the Mother symbol of all the world religions, for she is everyone's merciful Mother and she loves all her children, the oppressed and the oppressors. She is our universal mother. She is talking to us this Mother's Day morning with urgency. Do you hear her? Are you dreaming of her and/or are you having synchronistic experiences or intuitions and gut feelings of God trying to embolden you to love in radical new ways? The lectionary reading today is from the Gospel of John Chapter 10:27-30 Jesus tells us that his sheep hear his voice and they follow him and that no one can snatch them away from him and no one can snatch us away from the Black Madonna for the Black Madonna and Jesus are one.

We have recently been instructed by the United Nations that we have only twelve more years to change climate change before it is too late and that over one million plants and animals are going extinct. These words from scientists are another version of her voice crying out in pain to stop hurting her and that she is sick. Please read my chapter "At the Bedside of Mother Earth" on our church website. There is nothing like a crisis to bring families together. May the sickness of our Mother Earth bring us together as a human family like never before!

She is inside you and me and all creatures and she is the earth and she is the dark of the vast cosmos. We live in her body, we live in the earth's body, and we lived before we were born in our Mother's body. I added the photo of the earth taken from outer space to this icon above many years ago and now it is the holy icon for Church for Our Common Home, a non traditional church dedicated to the earth, the divine feminine and the arts. She is the Earth who gives us our home, our food, our air, volcanos and fire, oceans and mountains and all creatures to love us and to be loved by us. When we are not in awe of God, called by many names we are a sorry group of humans.

As we give thanks today for our Mothers who we lived inside of and who gave us birth and to the earth our common home, let us also give thanks to God the Mother of all for we live inside her body.

God I am calling the Black Madonna today gave me several signs for Mother Day that I want to share with you in the hopes that you will reflect on what signs she is gifting you with today. We are working on getting our weekly worship up on live stream more reliably this month, so hopefully you will be able to join us for worship every Sunday at 5 pm (PST) on our church website and we look forward to hearing from you.

This morning I received a response to an email I sent to Margaret Starbird, the brilliant and brave woman who wrote many divinely inspired books about Mary Magdalene, the forgotten and lost bride of Jesus, Christianity and western civilization. Many of us consider Mary Magdalene to be another form of the Black Madonna. Starbirds book, Women with the Alabaster Jar was the book Dan Brown "borrowed?" to write The Da Vinci Code. Here is an interview with her on our church web site.

Last week we offered a worship about gematria and the symbolism of numbers and studied Starbirds reflections on the 153 and Mary Magdalene. Praying under the tree in front of my house last week I noticed for the first time that the number of our house church is 13014 Calle De Las Rosas or the Street of the Roses. Although this is not 153, it is a form of 135 and in music the 153 or 135 is the basic chord of vibration and making music.

Yesterday, I received a group email from Matthew Fox inviting all of us to be apart of a new project to receive daily meditations about the Divine Feminine to begin today Mother's day. To sign up go to, www.DailyMeditationsWithMatthewFox.Org

Reading the email I noticed that Alessandra Belloni has written a new book on the Black Madonna, Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna which looks like a book sharing similar experiences to many of us about the Black Madonna and one may of us will enjoy reading.

My dream yesterday was that I am sitting on my red couch where I pray in the early morning, and out the window right next to my altar to the Black Madonna, something small was flying toward me fast in the dark night sky and as it got closer and bigger I could see that it was a large black appliance of some kind I could not make out and it was being flown by a red fox in an uniform. When it landed outside the window the fox quickly walked to my front door and knocked. I called out in fear and woke up. I looked up what appliance means and it is, "a device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one.....or the action or process of bringing something into operation." A fox is an animal whose home or den is called an "earth" and because of its ability to "transgress boundaries and has made it one of the most successful survivors on the planet." the fox is allowed "to be everywhere at once and nowhere at all" and the fox has super hearing abilities and can hear things far and wide from the earth. "...just as the fox-guide's subterranean knowledge (that) led the North American and Siberian shamans through paths not open or visible to humans. Thus if we approach the ubiquitous, mercurial fox--like the unconscious-- on its own terms, it may guide us through the transformational spaces between oppositional states of being......between unconventional, intuitive intelligence and collective social norms, and between animal human and spirit worlds, both beneficent and demonic--in the service of wholeness."(The Book of Symbols edited by Ronnberg and Martin)

Yesterday I heard a woman I do not know share about the feminine face of God at a 12 step meeting. This is rare.

So this Mother's Day I am committed to hearing her voice and listening to heartbeat that is the earth's heartbeat, to seeing her in the dark night of dreams and visions, to loving her in every person and creature I am blessed to be alive with today. I want to hear from you and your experiences of the Black Madonna, the feminine face of God calling you into healing and catapulting you to dedicate your life to the earth crisis we have created and we care called to solve for all of her creatures here on our common home Mother Earth.

I offer you a prayer and according to my dream our prayers are an appliance or process of bringing something into action. This Mothers Day I recommit to my prayer life for God needs our prayers of thanksgiving and love and we need to be in holy relationship with God to work to heal our planet and ourselves.

Dear Holy One, you who are the Black Madonna, ancient virgin, dark earth source, holy presence, refresh our hearts, you who hold the universe also live inside us. Heal our wounds, and reawaken our spirits and push us again into the light, sustain us in mystery, push us out into life and grant us new birth. Breath in us, breath with us, let your light shine for us, with us, in us, Black Madonna, ancient virgin, holy presence. Amen

(Poem/prayer offered at Seizing an Alternative Ecology conference 2015, at the Anima Mundi track)

We will dance to the Contours "Do you Love Me? Now that I can Dance" today for our Mother's Day worship for we need the energy of love and dancing for the journey. Please join us!

Please contact us if you would like to be on our prayer list.

Love and blessings,


"Civilization of Love" by artist Linda Miroslava Sabbath

Giving up the Growth Economy and Consumerism before Easter and Earth Day



When my children were toddlers I divorced their father. Our first Christmas Eve without him, he served me with legal papers suing me for full custody of our children. I had divorced him because of his abuse of me and the children. I credit his expensive lawyer with the powerfully creative and cruel idea of serving me legal papers on Christmas Eve - a holy day that celebrates the miracle of babies and the loving bond between families - mothers, fathers, and all creation. We all need to be shocked into the real dangers or "served papers" this Easter and Earth Day to WAKE UP TO THE LIFE THREATENING GLOBAL EMERGENCY in order to begin the needed spiritual conversion we need to make as a human species. Church for Our Common Homeworks for an Ecologic Civilization with our 12 step program. The first step is to "Share the truth that the 6th extinction of life on Earth is an invitation for transformation as a human species."

Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

This aforementioned personal crisis for me filled me with terror that I would lose my children. This experience of terror brought me to God and a conversion experience, or what Jeremy Lent calls a "U Turn" experience that changed my life. One day, I remember as vividly as anything that I have ever experienced, I had a thought that came from something outside myself or from my higher self, use whatever words you like, but now I would call it a God voice that gave me clear instructions. The voice said, "Go to seminary. It would be better for your children than going to penitentiary." This was an odd message for I had not grown up in the church and was happy working as a drama teacher and theater director. The voice knew that I secretly wanted to kill my ex husband. This murderous rage was an overwhelming problem for me, having never been violent or even had a fantasy of physically hurting anyone. I was a well socialized, well behaved young woman - your average fearful coward. As an old grand mother now, I recognize my rage as an instinctual response that normal humans and animal mothers have when their young are threatened. I am passionate about God now and know that it was through the grace of God that I not only did not kill my ex husband but grew to forgive him, God rest his soul, and became a Christian minister. The U Turn this crisis drove me to in my life, gives me hope for our global crisis.

My personal conversion experience is what I believe we need collectively as a human family. We need the courage to do what I did bravely as a single mother, first, name the problem, second, devote our lives to getting out of a dangerous situation and third ask God for help and devote our lives to God. Gradually, I gave up my world view that included accepting capitalism, patriarchy, and all power over relationships as normal. We need to give up our worldview that a growth economy, consumerism and capitalism are OK. They are not OK and we have to get rid of them. We only have 12 years left according to scientists who recently reported to the United Nations!

I am clear that the rest of my life is devoted to standing in solidarity with all the animal and plant species that are becoming extinct, as well as millions of human refugees, all those who are poor and suffering because of our global catastrophe. Jesus rode into Jerusalem standing up to the Roman Empire and its values of dominate power over imperialism, 2,000 years ago on Palm Sunday. There are countless movements in history we can look to besides Jesus for inspiration. Against all the odds, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, Gandhi's non-violent revolution in India that overthrew the British Empire in India all show us the way, when there is no way! I am hopeful and know it is time for moral imagination and intense commune with God and all that is holy. Angels are guiding us at this time. Call upon the "unemployed angels" as Lorna Byrne suggests.

We are in the 6th mass extinction of life on earth, the only one created by us humans and telling the truth our growth economy also called "corporatism", as the root problem is essential. Capitalism is our economic and political system that gives control to business and private owners for profit. Climate change is not the problem - it is one of the symptoms! Jeremy Lents writes in his article, 'What will You Say to Your Grandchildren?' "The primary reason for this headlong fling toward disaster is that our economic system is based on perpetual growth— the by-product of which is the need to consume the earth at an ever-increasing rate. Our world is dominated by transnational corporations, which now account for sixty-nine of the world’s largest one hundred economies. The value of these corporations is based on investors’ expectations for profits and continued growth, which they are driven to achieve at any cost, including the future welfare of humanity and the living earth. It’s a gigantic Ponzi scheme that barely gets a mention because the corporations also own the mainstream media, along with most governments. The real discussions we need about humanity’s future don’t make it to the table. Even a policy goal as ambitious as the Green New Deal—rejected by most mainstream pundits as utterly unrealistic—would still be insufficient to turn things around, because it doesn’t acknowledge the need to transition our economy away from reliance on endless growth."

We don't care whether you are Buddhist, Atheist, Jewish, Moslem, Pagan or Christian, Church for Our Common Home invites you to come give thanks for the miracle of spring and all that is holy and alive the next three Sundays, Palm Sunday, Easter and Earth Day to ask for help and give thanks. God is calling us to have a conversion experience and name the real abuse and torture of feeling creatures and devote our lives to the spiritual growth that is the invitation of every crisis.

 Jeremy Lent writes, "Studies have shown that, once 3.5% of a population becomes sustainably committed to nonviolent mass movements for political change, they are invariably successful. That would translate into 11.5 million Americans on the street, or 26 million Europeans. We’re a long way from that, but is it really impossible? I’m not ready, yet, to bet against humanity’s ability to transform itself or nature’s powers of regeneration. XR is planning a global week of direct action beginning on Monday, April 15, as a first step toward a coordinated worldwide grassroots rebellion against the system that’s destroying hope of future flourishing. It might just be the beginning of another of history’s U-turns. Do you want to look your grandchildren in the eyes? Yes, me too. I’ll see you there."

Thanks Jeremy for your message of hope as a grandfather. Yes I want to look at Laina and Jacob and my third grandbaby soon to be born and say to them, "I did everything I could to make a safe world for you. Thanks be to God!"

Please, we need you to join us at Church for Our Common Home, for we have never needed one another like we do now. Grandparents come and bring your grandchildren for the world needs our passionate love for our grandchildren in order to survive as a human species.

In love and gratitude,


Please read all of Jeremy Lent's excellent and hopeful article here.

Palm Sunday 5 pm Torrey Pines State Park Beach by the main entrance on the coast highway. Call if you want to carpool. (858) 248-5123.

Easter Sunrise Worship 6:30 am Torrey Pines State Park Beach

We will serve hot coffee and tea, hot cross buns and hard boiled Easter eggs!

Workshop Making Soap from Compost on Monday April 22, 7 pm Earth Day

Earth Day Worship, Dance, Celebration Sunday April 28th 5 pm,Pot luck immediately following at the Mary Magdalene Cafe

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12 Step Program for an Ecological Civilization for Church for Our Common Home


Church for Our Common Home is dedicated to the Earth,

a living being.

Our vision is to build an artistic ecologic church to love and

pray for Mother Earth for nature is alive and sacred.

We work for an Ecologic Civilization with our

12 step program. 

1.     Share the truth that the current 6th extinction of life on Earth, the only one created by humans, is an invitation for transformation as a human species.

2.     Share the history and human habits of dominant over relationships and commit to relationships of collaboration, partnership and co-creativity.

3.     Make amends for our alienation and abuse of the natural world and our idolatry of scientism and rationalism using transdisciplinary reconnections of religion, art, psychology, ecology, etc.

4.     Explore eco-feminist and process theology, celebrating God/dess language, symbols and relationships.

5.     Study the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, including newly found gnostic scriptures and the world’s ancient wisdom traditions.

6.     Offer diverse spiritual practices to develop loving relationships with the natural world, Mother Earth and

all creation.

7.     Honor the invisible realms of dreams, prayer, intuition, parapsychology and imagination.

8.     Celebrate the visual and performing arts, ritual making, beauty and creativity as divine spiritual practice.

9.     Celebrate intergenerational community by intentionally including and honoring the very young and old.

10. Encourage consciousness raising with integration of body, sexuality, mind, spirit, feelings, intuition and imagination.

     11. Work for social justice locally and globally in partnership with other organizations.

     12. Experiment with nontraditional church in order to create relevant, spirit filled and loving community.

 My husband Dr. Walt Rutherford and I will live on and care for the land and prayerfully grow an organic garden, offer weekly worship, pot lucks, programs etc. as well as counseling services-- all internet accessible. Following in the footsteps of Findhorn a spiritual eco village in Scotland, that was founded as a “God centered and God guided” community. In partnership with nature, Findhorn changed the chemistry of the land. 

Seeking land in the Southern California area, we will also consider other locations. We hope to collaborate with other individuals and or organizations with a similar spiritual and/or ecologic vision. We look forward to exploring creative ideas, like caring for elderly people who need love and care in exchange for land. Church for Our Common Home is currently funded through donations and Walt and my counseling work at Our Common Home Counseling Center. As a non-profit 501C3 all donations are tax deductible.

In love and gratitude,



                by John B. Cobb, Jr.

         This request is certainly unusual. Bonnie Tarwater is an unusual person. The request expresses her thoroughly intelligent, but certainly counter-cultural, hopes. Many of us talk about our distress at our alienation from the land, especially the soil and all the life it supports. Bonnie is way beyond distress. She really feels her community with the land. The extraordinary experience of the lovers of the land at Findhorn has grasped her imagination. She wants to connect with the life of the land as they have done. 

         With the help of some generous owner of little used land, she will create a place where others can also learn to love the land and interact with it in mutual blessing. My guess is that such experience will be healing in many ways. Bonnie Tarwater is that rare person who can turn this vision into reality. May it be so.

Rev. Bonnie Tarwater

Minister Church for Our Common Home 13014 Calle De Las Rosas, SD CA 92129 (858) 248-5123

Affiliate Community Minister of First UU Church of San Diego

Easter Sunrise Worship 6:30 am Torrey Pines State Park Beach

Earth Day Worship, Dance, Celebration Sunday April 28th 5 pm,Pot luck immediately following at the Mary Magdalene Cafe

Worship every Sunday 5 pm PST live stream

Mary Poppins Carpet Bag- What is a meta-for?

photo childrenanimals and color.jpg

Dear Friends,

Mary Poppins Carpet Bag was magical and could hold huge objects like street lamps, remember? For week two of Lent we offer an exercise for you to imagine that inside you lives Mary Poppins Carpet Bag and over the course of Lent you will place images, past events, memories, and objects that symbolize what have been the most sacred and meaningful aspect of your life. Be sure to pack things representing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, self. Reflect on what has been the most impacting places, people and experiences in your history that has empowered you to becoming who you are. These events can be negative experiences as well as positive. You are packing for the rest of your life journey and in order to be healthy and strong you must take the best parts of yourself with you, the parts you feel have most empowered you to become your highest, most sacred self.

Last month, I took my first webinar ever with the inspired David Spangler, co-director of Findhorn. David has a good sense of humor, and I asked him if I could use a certain metaphor he offered in an exercise and he said, "Yes, what is a meta-for?" Mary Poppins Carpet Bag is metaphor for the hugeness of your own soul, the shape-shifting miracles of your and every life form in a creative field of our co-creation with God. Filling your Mary Poppins Carpet Bag exercise is adapted from Spangler's Identity Pouch exercise. He writes, "These contents are important, but they do not fully define you. You can transcend them if you need to; you can change and transform because of what you are as spirit and soul, as a living identity, is larger that the contents of your mind. Like the carpet bag which Mary Poppins carried that could hold anything no matter how large, the space within you, the space of your soul and your imagination, can hold anything you put into it." Working with Subtle Energies.

I offer an example of how I have done this exercise. The collage above of photos of children holding animals comes from a catalog from Save the Children.

I cut and gathered these magazine images and placed them in my Mary Poppins Carpet Bag. They represent my love of children, baby animals and color that are a part of my history and my spirit. Meditating on the images of these precious children and knowing they are inside my Mary Poppins Carpet Bag makes me feel ready for whatever challenges I will face. It gives me an experience of self love, confidence and empowerment. Remembering what is most sacred to you will help you decide on what you need to pack. I also placed a glass of white wine with lipstick on it to symbolize the pain of growing up in an alcoholic family. As a teenager I remember thinking I had arrived in glamorous adulthood when I noticed that my glass of wine had my own lipstick on it. This memory invites me to celebrate how far I have grown to stop putting evil "Spirits" into my body. Now I consciously feed my body and soul with loving "Spirits" like the images of happy children above. Drinking in the faces of sacred children, baby animals and colors is healthy life giving spiritual food for me. I also have packed the visions I had as a child of Mother Mary and rainbows, the birth of my two children and grandchildren, travel to holy places and holy people. I have known, people and pets I have loved, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, meaningful dreams, Archangel Gabrielle playing the trumpet and a photo of the Earth from the moon. Knowing this is securely packed inside me gives me a similar feeling of preparedness, as when I know I have packed well for a weekend trip. I have what I need for any kind of weather, any kind of places I may end up having to go, either for work or pleasure, sleeping or dancing, sunshine or below zero weather, day and night time -- I am ready. I invite you to pack all your most sacred parts for your journey inside your Mary Poppins Carpet Bag in the coming weeks of Lent. This will help provide you the soul energy you need for your journey.

The journey will be difficult, with unexpected and miraculous encounters and learning. Catastrophe is here and will keep on coming here on Planet Earth..... for all of us. You have little time left to claim your highest self, to love yourself and the God within you. We have a lot of children, animals and plants to love and save so pack well. Take herds of elephants, entire galaxies or dirty wine glasses. Size is not an issue. Deep holy meaning is the issue. To pack well, you have to know yourself.

Love always,


Remember we are concentrating on what's lovable about you this Lent and a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, right?

Please join Church for Our Common Home and pray daily during Lent before the new Easter, Earth Day for someone to donate land to Church for Our Common Home. We will build a House of Pray for the Earth and grow organic vegetables. We are open to collaboration with individuals or like minded organizations.

Easter Sunday Sunrise Service

We will have a Sunrise Worship service at Torrey Pines Beach near the main entrance on the beach. Look for our Earth flag on Easter Sunday, April 21st (no Sunday evening worship on Easter) 6:30 am.

Earth Day Dinner Dance Celebration Sunday. April 28th, at 5 pm for worship, dinner and dancing!

Call for more info (858) 248-5123.

Join us in person or remotely every Sunday 5 pm (PST) for worship and for a pot luck immediately following at the Mary Magdalene Cafe.

40 Days of Prayer

7 weeks of

Imaginal Play

till Earth Day Celebration

Sunday, April 28th

We will celebrate Earth Day the weekend after Easter on April 28th

5 pm Worship/ Dinner/ Dance celebration! Official Earth day is April 22

which is the Monday after Easter.

Giving up fear, rage and sadness for Lent, Preparing for Earth Day

Dear Friends,

painting Mother of the World.jpg

Whatever your preconception is about Lent-- Give it up for Lent. Why? Because God and a life of the spirit are NOT what you expect. So many of us have been wounded and internalize negative emotions. We do not believe we are worthy of God's love. WRONG!

God loves you, you are God's beloved. Instead of depriving yourself, I challenge you to feast on rich food of the spirit this Lent with mercy, forgiveness, love and joy! Give yourself courage to fill up the whole of fear within you. Instead of concentrating on what is wrong with you this Lent, I challenge you to celebrate everything wonderful about yourself!

  1. Today Ash Wednesday, write a list of everything you love about yourself. We are dust and to dust we will return. Time is running out. It is time to learn to love yourself before you return to the earth!

  2. Name what you are afraid of in your life currently and give yourself courage.

  3. Name what makes you angry currently. Recognize that underneath your anger and rage is hurt and fear.

  4. Name what makes you sad currently. Imagine the Mother of the World in this beautiful painting above by Nicholas Roerich. You are with her and she wraps you in love and tenderness and kisses your giant well of tears. You are not alone, she is with you. She is taking you to a beautiful garden where you are playing your favorite games together. You dance, sing, swing on the tree swing, laugh, chase and tickle one another, smell the flowers and talk to the birds and butterflies and roll in the grass and lie in one another's arms and just gaze at the sky smelling the grass. She is with you and you sleep and dream together. You are loved.

You may say, have you gone out of your mind? I want to deprive myself, and I kind of feel holy when I reflect on all my shortcomings. Isn't that right? Well, it depends. If you are a negative narcissist and have habits of thinking you are the worst person in the world, no. Preoccupation with your unworthiness is another form of self centeredness and Jesus calls us this Lent to give it up. Instead, leave the desert and follow him and his beloved Mary Magdalene into the cave of your own soul

Join Church for Our Common Home as we plan for a massive party to celebrate you and all life forms for Earth Day! Do not make a list of all the ways you are less than and haven't measured up. No this Lent, please eat all the rich chocolate cake of the spirit you can find. Fill up your emptiness with everything your soul loves to eat and remember you are God's beloved!

Just to change it up this year, follow me, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Mother of the World, not into any kind of desert, but into the cave of your own inner sacred soul and imagine a beautiful garden where you will take a vacation from all negative emotions. Why? Because many of us are addicted to our feelings of unworthiness and the many negative emotions that follow. My main squeeze Jesus and The Good News of the Gospel is a radical message and practice-- more radial today than it was two thousand years ago. In a nutshell it is this simple message. God loves you and wants you to be healed of your preoccupation and illusions that you are a separate small self. God is inviting you to a celebration of you and all your relations, which is of course all creatures, everywhere. It's time to heal from fear, rage and sadness. How? Well, just be reminded, feelings come and go, they, like everything else in life, are always changing. There is something the negative emotions want to shapeshift into-the potential of your own magnificence!

I invite you into the imaginal realm to play and prepare for Earth day this Lent. I will offer imaginal practices for the six weeks of Lent. The holiest day of the year in 2019 is the day we love our common home Gaia, Mother earth, The Mother of the World and that we love ourselves. By the way, NEWS FLASH God has no gender, it is all a METAPHOR. But God is like the Earth who feeds and nourishes us beyond our comprehension.

A prayer for Ash Wednesday.

Dear God of Love you who are the Mother of the World,

Help me for I am often filled with fear and rage and sadness and feel so terribly alone. Are you there? Do you love me? Is it possible for me to change and heal? I am afraid the Earth is being destroyed and me and everything I know right along with it. I am grief stricken beyond measure for I love the Earth and all her creatures. HELP ME.


Practice for Ash Wednesday.

Name what is making you fearful, rageful and sad in your life. Ask God for help in prayer today and for the next 40 days.

Meditate on the painting above and then close your eyes and imagine going to a garden with the Mother of the World or an imaginary loving Grandmother, animal or loved one. Imagine "You are with her and she wraps you in love and tenderness and kisses your giant well of tears. You are not alone, she is with you. She is taking you to a beautiful garden where you are playing your favorite games together. You dance, sing, swing on the tree swing, laugh, chase and tickle one another, smell the flowers and talk to the birds and butterflies and roll in the grass and lie in one another's arms. Gaze at the clouds that are moving in the blue sky. Smell the grass. Feel the warmth of the sun. She is with you and you sleep and dream together. You are loved."

5.Join Church for Our Common Home and pray daily for the next 40 days before the new Easter, Earth Day for someone to give us land. Please help us find a few acres of land by asking people you know with land. We will build a House of Pray for the Earth and grow organic vegetables. Perhaps we could care for elderly people who may live on the land in exchange for land? We are open to collaboration with individuals or organizations.

Easter Sunday Sunrise Service

We will have a Sunrise Worship service at Torrey Pines Beach near the main entrance on the beach. Look for our Earth flag on Easter Sunday, April 21st (no Sunday evening worship on Easter) 7 am.

Earth Day Dinner Dance Celebration Sunday. April 28th, at 5 pm for worship, dinner and dancing!

Call for more info (858) 248-5123.

Love always,


Join us in person or remotely every Sunday 5 pm (PST) for worship and for a pot luck immediately following. Please share this with a friend.

40 Days of Prayer

7 weeks of

Imaginal Play

till Earth Day Celebration

Sunday, April 28th

We will celebrate Earth Day the weekend after Easter on April 28th

5 pm Worship/ Dinner/ Dance celebration! Official Earth day is April 22

which is the Sunday after Easter.

photo garden.jpg