Snake Labrynth


Walking the Snake Labyrinth The snake is an ancient symbol found in many cultures. It is a goddess symbol of the divine feminine. It may signify transformation, spiritual initiation, consciousness and healing. We use two snakes intertwined as the symbol for many modern medicine graphics.  The snake can also be a symbol of evil, and those things that liveunderground and connotes the unknown and mysterious. Reflection on the divine feminine through the symbol of the snake offers us an opportunity to be reminded of the extremes of life and death, good and evil, light and dark. The Snake Labyrinth is open for walking meditations atBonnie and Walt’s house and appointments can be made to use this sacred space for private reflect.

There are four stages that are suggested for you to reflect upon during your walking meditation and four parts of the spiritual journey you will enter within yourself.  One,  know God AKA the divine is within you. Two, that we are all interconnected and live in God/dess’s body or the Anima Mundi. Three, all life is sacred. Four, we are called now during this unprecedented ecologic crisis to love and care for nature and our “Common Home” Mother Earth in more loving conscious ways.

As you begin on the patio sit and take three breaths and ask for guidance and help. Second, consciously love yourself and ask to be purified as you enter the snake head, lighting a candle, ask for healing and that your clouded vision is lifted as you continue on the white stones. When you reach the center sit and write out all those you need to forgive and save for the chapel. Also write down all your resentments and fears and put in the bon fire. As you continue walking toward the tail of the snake reflect on the sacred nature of all that is alive in the cosmos.   As you come to the tail of the snake, you are invited to sit and pray and/or meditate on healing and transforming your relationship to all creatures, Mother Earth and all of the cosmos. We invite you to consider painting a beloved animal, plant or mineral on the back wall of the Dog Chapel. To save something, we must love it. Contemplate and give thanks for the holiness of all that is alive and for the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.