Making Home Together" Gifts of our green hearts for Mother Earth on Valentine's Day!

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Dear Friends,

Today is a good day to fill our heart in our own bodies with green light from the center of the earth mixing with the light of the sun. Not sending out but rather in deep loving relationship with the earth. Green is the color in our bodies energy center or chakras in our heart area. Instead of a red valentine or heart this year imagine your heart filled with green light and love from the earth and for the earth. Instead of sending it out allow yourself to be with your green heart like a huge tree that is deeply rooted in the earth as well as reaching out toward the sun. May your heart area today radiate a vibrant green love that invites you to make yourself at home here on earth. We may often imagine her as a blue jewel, but she is also like a huge tree, for she is the tree of life where our hearts live, deep underground and reaching toward the sunlight in love.

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"Making home together" is a beautiful turn of phrase David Spangler uses in his book, Apprenticed to Spirit. He shares that many of us may not always feel that we should be here or want to be here on earth. "Gaian consciousness is a consciousness of the earth as home. It also recognizes that the "home" we may call the sacred, the place where we feel we most belong and feel most safe and loved, isn't a place to go out from and into; it is a condition to create. It is a gift to share.......hospitality, the reaching out to welcome and embrace the other and help him or her feel at give expression to the power of hospitality and the making of home together."

Please join us as we welcome you to 'Make Home Together' with us at Church for Our Common Home. This Sunday please join our Prayer and Healing Worship Service, Sunday, February 17 at 5 pm. Join us for a vegetarian potluck dinner immediately following at the Mary Magdalene Cafe. We need you as we explore this "Making Home Together" at Church for Our Common Home and share ideas on how to find land to build an ecologic artistic church to pray for the earth, grow our own organic food and to love one another in intentional intergenerational community. As elders we are called to create loving sanctuary for our children and grandchildren, for all children and grandchildren and great grandchildren for they are all our own.

Sending love always,


P.S. Please watch this video about Pando some call the largest living organism on earth, a tree groove in Utah with a huge root system connecting all the trees as one living organism in Utah.

More info call Bonnie (858) 248-5123

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