12 Step Program for an Ecological Civilization for Church for Our Common Home


Church for Our Common Home is dedicated to the Earth,

a living being.

Our vision is to build an artistic ecologic church to love and

pray for Mother Earth for nature is alive and sacred.

We work for an Ecologic Civilization with our

12 step program. 

1.     Share the truth that the current 6th extinction of life on Earth, the only one created by humans, is an invitation for transformation as a human species.

2.     Share the history and human habits of dominant over relationships and commit to relationships of collaboration, partnership and co-creativity.

3.     Make amends for our alienation and abuse of the natural world and our idolatry of scientism and rationalism using transdisciplinary reconnections of religion, art, psychology, ecology, etc.

4.     Explore eco-feminist and process theology, celebrating God/dess language, symbols and relationships.

5.     Study the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, including newly found gnostic scriptures and the world’s ancient wisdom traditions.

6.     Offer diverse spiritual practices to develop loving relationships with the natural world, Mother Earth and

all creation.

7.     Honor the invisible realms of dreams, prayer, intuition, parapsychology and imagination.

8.     Celebrate the visual and performing arts, ritual making, beauty and creativity as divine spiritual practice.

9.     Celebrate intergenerational community by intentionally including and honoring the very young and old.

10. Encourage consciousness raising with integration of body, sexuality, mind, spirit, feelings, intuition and imagination.

     11. Work for social justice locally and globally in partnership with other organizations.

     12. Experiment with nontraditional church in order to create relevant, spirit filled and loving community.

 My husband Dr. Walt Rutherford and I will live on and care for the land and prayerfully grow an organic garden, offer weekly worship, pot lucks, programs etc. as well as counseling services-- all internet accessible. Following in the footsteps of Findhorn a spiritual eco village in Scotland, www.findhorn.org that was founded as a “God centered and God guided” community. In partnership with nature, Findhorn changed the chemistry of the land. 

Seeking land in the Southern California area, we will also consider other locations. We hope to collaborate with other individuals and or organizations with a similar spiritual and/or ecologic vision. We look forward to exploring creative ideas, like caring for elderly people who need love and care in exchange for land. Church for Our Common Home is currently funded through donations and Walt and my counseling work at Our Common Home Counseling Center. As a non-profit 501C3 all donations are tax deductible.

In love and gratitude,



                by John B. Cobb, Jr.

         This request is certainly unusual. Bonnie Tarwater is an unusual person. The request expresses her thoroughly intelligent, but certainly counter-cultural, hopes. Many of us talk about our distress at our alienation from the land, especially the soil and all the life it supports. Bonnie is way beyond distress. She really feels her community with the land. The extraordinary experience of the lovers of the land at Findhorn has grasped her imagination. She wants to connect with the life of the land as they have done. 

         With the help of some generous owner of little used land, she will create a place where others can also learn to love the land and interact with it in mutual blessing. My guess is that such experience will be healing in many ways. Bonnie Tarwater is that rare person who can turn this vision into reality. May it be so.

Rev. Bonnie Tarwater

Minister Church for Our Common Home 13014 Calle De Las Rosas, SD CA 92129

churchforourcommonhome.com (858) 248-5123 revtarwater@yahoo.com

Affiliate Community Minister of First UU Church of San Diego

Easter Sunrise Worship 6:30 am Torrey Pines State Park Beach

Earth Day Worship, Dance, Celebration Sunday April 28th 5 pm,Pot luck immediately following at the Mary Magdalene Cafe

Worship every Sunday 5 pm PST live stream