Sophia's Dream


Thursday Dream Group, Sophia (Please use a name other than your own if you wish and please give the dream a title and date)

October 2015, Emotional Disconnect but on second thought it should be Green Vase.

2. Invitation of characters and symbols that we invited to dream circle

3. Dream Group Conversation

4. How will I honor the dream in a concrete way in the following week? What is this dream sharing with everyone in our human family? 

Thursday Dream Group, Sophia

October 2015,“ Emotional Disconnect” but on second thought it should be “Green Vase”

I was at Damien’s Home.  Cruella was sleeping in the bedroom.

I walked in she was ugly looking and not  emotionally there. Cruella was faking it. Damien comes home I confront him. He says nothing. He is not emotionally there.

I accidentally break this large beautiful emerald green  vase.

I am picking up the pieces. They are scattered everywhere. I keep finding more pieces to pick up.

I find some later and pick them up as well. I want to make sure I pick them all up. I do not want people hurting themselves. A party is going on in the back room.

There are comfortable red velvet sofas,   purple pillows and thick velvet draperie,.beautiful old Persian rugs old tables. it looked like a gypsies house. It was warm and cozy. Some people were dressed in costume. Cruella attends. No one likes her. Everyone knows and they are not interested in her annoying self-centeredness and she is acting promiscuous. She is trying to pick up a guy from downtown.

A guy came up to me and started sharing his views on different things, I liked him.

I stood up in the middle of the living room and yelled out, “This is a Dream. We are all dreaming”.

Cruella comes over still trying to pick up guys. We all ignore her. She has a journal. I grab it and try to rip it. I am tired of her arrogance. She does not respond.

Damien arrived. He is disconnected and in his own world.

.2. The next part of dream group we Invite the characters and/or symbols. We invite them by name and suggest places for them to sit or reside in our dream circle

Damien, Cruella, Vase, Guy in the Living Room, Gypsy House and the Journal. Lastly we invite the Bringer of Dreams.

I asked my characters and symbols who are you and what are you doing here?

I am feeling  pissed at Cuella and told her how I felt about her hurting me and possibly other women and claiming to be so "spiritual." I asked her to leave the dream circle. That felt good, because what I wanted to say is I don't like woman not supporting each other and back stabbing one another. 

I was empathetic to Damien and understood that he had to heal the childhood issues. I am on the verge of forgiving him

The green vase I was so sorry I broke it. It was an accident and I will take it and recycle it in the ocean so it can become beautiful and  smooth ocean glass after years of being tumbled in the water.

I ask the The Bringer of Dreams and he shared that the broken pieces and green represented the heart and the earth.

Dream Group Conversation

We discussed the Idea of getting some green glass and breaking  it and taking it to  the ocean but I did not want to do that. I do not want anyone to step on it. My take on the dream is that I have broken heart pieces to mend like the broken glass. Even though I had picked up most of the pieces there was more to pick up….

The dream is about having a Broken Heart. Collectively we have damaged both our hearts and our wounded hearts become insensitive and we have damaged the earth and hurt one another--something to that effect.

How will I honor the dream in a concrete way in the following week?

I will buy a green vase and break it and make something.